Tattoo Pricing


Tattoo pricing must be done in person.  We cannot give quotes over the phone or internet due to too much room for miscommunication.  We can sometimes give a broad range on tattoos over the internet, but the only way to get an accurate quote is in person.  We can say that we have a $75 minimum and that hourly rates depend on the artist but are usually in the $100/hour range.


Piercing Pricing


We charge a piercing fee plus jewelry.  Most of the time, rings start at $14 and barbells, curved barbells, and circular barbells start at $35.  The price can go up depending on factors like gems, materials, etc.


Piercing fees are:

$20 for earlobe

$25 for ear rim (helix)

$30 for rook, tragus, anti tragus, conch, forward helix, eyebrow, nostril, philtrum, labret/lip, tongue, nipple, navel, and surface anchors (dermals)

$35 for septum, daith, surface piercing, nose bridge, high nostril,

$40 for industrials and orbits (2 points, additional fees for more than 2 point piercings)

$45 for VCH, HCH, prince albert, frenum, lorum, pubic mound, inner/outer labia, hafada, guiche

$65 for ampallang, apadravya, dydoe, triangle, fourchette


We do offer $5 off each piercing done after the initial one in the same sitting. Such as both ear lobes for $35.




Tattoo aftercare


Piercing aftercare


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