Body Piercer

Sacoon has been piercing for 2 years, getting her start at Warrior piercing in Philadelphia. She apprenticed there for a year and half, getting into the industry with a happy accident. She had been getting pierced since she was a teen, and was on a path to be a professional dancer. An injury set her dancing career back, and she was offered a job working front of house at the studio. She immediately fell in love with the relationships you build with clients, and the amount of trust and vulnerability that happens during a piercing. The way you can go from total strangers to trusting in someone else was magical, and Sacoon fell in love with that connective element of piercing. With a love for ear curations, and any technically marked piercing like paired nostrils and triples, Sacoon is here for all your fun, mathematical piercing needs. She decided to continue expanding her career and joined the Icon team in summer of 2020, moving to Nashville to work alongside our staff and continue to grow into the best piercer possible!

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