Before You Arrive:

At Icon Tattoo and Body Piercing our team of Artists are dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable, clean and positive experiencing choosing to decorate your body.

In this state for anyone over the age of 18 a state-issued photo ID is acceptable, preferably a Drivers License. For anyone under the age of 18 we have very specific requirements. We need a photo ID for the parent or legal guardian signing, and some form of photo ID for the minor. This can be a passport OR a birth certificate and school ID. If you have any questions about ID please call ahead to speak to our staff.

While we are happy to schedule clients by appointment if this is your preference, they are not required for most piercings and small tattoos, although appointments are always encouraged. We take walk-ins on a first come-first served basis throughout the day. Whenever you are ready for that new piercing or tattoo you can feel free to drop by. We suggest last piercings of the night try to arrive 30 minutes before closing. We can get busy so please be patient- we will get to everyone! If you have a request for a specific piercer or artist- you need to schedule to have time with that piercer or artist- so call ahead if this is the case. For tattoos, we always encourage an appointment, and for larger pieces you will most likely need one. That said we try to keep some artists available for walk-ins, but it is a first come, first served basis.

We highly recommend clients have a moderate meal a few hours before getting any piercing or tattoo. Having food in your stomach helps your blood sugar levels during the procedure, and for oral piercings it’s much easier to eat before you get pierced rather then after. We also require all clients arrive sober. Not only is it not legal for us to pierce or tattoo you under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but it will also make the process much more painful and uncomfortable then it has to be.

Here at Icon we only want to do piercings and tattoos that will heal well, and be healthy. That does sometimes mean because of unique anatomy or piercing requirements we can’t do all piercings on all bodies. As well, certain placements and sizes for tattoos may not heal well, or we may not be able to guarantee will last. We wouldn’t ever want to say no to a client, but we will turn people away for piercings that we do not think will heal, and for tattoos we can’t guarantee lasting. We also can’t start every piercing with every piece of jewelry, and while you can get into them once healed, we can’t always start them out like that.