Permanent Cosmetics

Here at Icon we are excited to offer permanent cosmetics alongside our traditional tattoo services! Permanent cosmetics are a perfect way to accent your natural beauty in a subtle, and lasting way. Among our services, microblading is the most popular! Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo method, that gives the illusion of fuller, thicker, and more pigmented brows. The looks that can be achieved with microblading are a varied as the people who get it done, from soft delicate brows to a bold, dark, full brow. Whatever your goal, microblading can help you achieve it! Other popular procedures are cosmetic freckles, lip lines, and tooth gems.

Microblading 101

When you schedule with us for microblading, here’s a run down of what to expect! When you arrive, our artist will meet with you and discuss your goals. Reference images of the brows you desire, and how you style your own brows usually, will help. Please don’t come with heavy product or makeup on or around your brows as we will have to remove it. Then, we will make some preliminary drawings on your face and map our your new brows. The area will the cleaned and disinfected, and a numbing agent will be applied. Then, using a small fine hand tool, individual lines will be sculpted to give the look of fine, exact brow hairs. We can also combine shading techniques, depending on your preferences and goals. Once everything is done you’ll be on your way with some very bold new brows!

Brows will look darker right after being done, and as they heal they may look grey or faded. This normal, don’t fret! After about 6 weeks your brows will be healed and looking beautiful. You will likely need a touchup, as some small adjustments are often needed to achieve desired fullness and pigmentation. Remember- you can always add more, but you can’t take away! For this reason we start a bit lighter handed, and can build fullness or darkness at your touchup. Please don’t forget to schedule and come in for you touchup, as this is an integral part of the process healing correctly! While your beautiful new brows are healing, please avoid harsh soaps, makeup, tanning, and skincare products in the area. Only use products as directed by your artist for optimum healing.

It’s important to mention that microblading isn’t a replacement for makeup. Microblading is designed to mimic natural eyebrows. If your preference is fuller, filled in eyebrows, you will likely still find yourself using makeup in addition to your new microbladed brows!

Cosmetic Freckles

Freckles follow a similar process as brows, we will map out your goal, apply a numbing agent, and then with a machine add some fin freckles to your face! Much like microblading these will look very dark initially, and will lighten over the healing process to something more natural. Freckles also require touchup appointments, and may require more than 1. To build heavy, natural looking freckles is often a multistage appointment process, and we will discuss that and any goals with you at the time of your appointment!

For more information, you can contact Sid, our artist, directly at her Instagram: sidryancutyou

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