Tim Peterson

Tattoo Artist

Black and gray photorealism, particularly nature, are his favorite to tattoo.


Tattoo Artist

Tattoos that are science fiction, anime, video games, or generally funky.

Christian Colón

Tattoo Artist

Loves anything illustrative with black and grey, as well as custom lettering.

Sean Hamilton

Tattoo Artist

Tattoos that are colorful, bright, and fun is right up his alley.

Rocky Reaves

Tattoo Artist

Anime tattoos are his favorite, with anything illustrative, colorful, and funky.


Cosmetic Tattoo Artist & Tattoo Apprentice

Working with brows, freckles, or lips to fit each client is her favorite part of the job!

Aaron Smith

Tattoo Artist

Coverups and anything with bright and bold colors are his favorite.

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