Ian Bishop

Owner, Body Piercer

Ian, our head piercer and studio owner, got his start in January of 1994, and has been piercing professionally for 25 years. Apprenticeships in those days for piercings weren’t as abundant as they are now, so he pursued further education at the Fakir Intensives in San Francisco CA. After attending twice, in 1994 and 1997, Ian was invited the following year to instruct for the intensives. He has been teaching there ever since, instructing hundreds of students from around the world in how to pierce. Around the same time, in 1997, he opened Icon here in Nashville, TN. Icon has proudly served the Nashville area for 22 years and counting. As a piercer, Ian boasts an impressive body of work with a preference for the classics- navels, nostrils, and daiths. He is a full service piercer, offering both large gauge initial piercings and all advanced genital work.

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